With Professional Artist & Tutor Carolyn Sheather

Bookmaking Workshop: December 2 in Palmwoods 

Books as Gifts - Origami, Concertina, Pamphlet & Maze...

A ONE day Workshop to make gorgeous little books for yourself or anyone else! Covers can made of paper or fine cloth, Pages of poems, a series of drawings or just pretty Colours...designed and decorated to your hearts desire! You’ll love the results!

Cotton & cloth, text & trinkets, paint & paper, wax and watercolour, needles & thread, ribbons & lace, buttons & bows...its the perfect time to gather your bits n pieces and use them to embellish, adorn and utilise. We will supply lots of things to...

Workshop includes course notes, individual care, a scrumptious Morning Tea from 'foodthatsings' and we all bring a plate to share for lunch...

More details and a Materials List on booking! To BOOK or make enquiries contact 

Sketchbook Secrets Workshop - Wallace House Noosa Saturday Dec 9 - 9am -3:30pm     

Capture & Communicate your Personal Experiences!

 Do you have heaps of photos; maybe sketchbooks full of ideas; a travel diary & some mementos? This Workshop helps you decide what to create and offers ways to go about it. This WORKSHOP will show how to make pages that record your “thing” the way you remember, or the way you want it to be, they are even great for goal setting as a vision board entry. It could be a celebration, a special place, a journey, an event, a precious pet, a new life or a day to remember. 

Wallace House Saturday 9th Dec 2017 9 am -3:30 pm

BOOKINGS email or phone 5474 1211 between 9-1


Long Morning Tea's: Curious about getting started in Journals or love to draw & play with colour, then this is for you...   Casual, fun, yummy mornings... free, untutored, 'drink & draw' sessions at selected cafe's & tearooms around the Sunny Coast.

We welcome anyone who wants to be initiated or involved with Artist Journaling & Sketching...but if you want to come, details are offered to Sketchbookstories Subscribers Only! For more 

Pastels & Colour

PURE PASTELS: For Beginner to Budding Artists. A selection of topics and subject in a warm and lovely environment make these Classes very desirable and they fill quickly. Wallace House Noosa, Friday Mornings 9-12 noon.                                 Email here or call 07 5474 1211 between 9-1 weekdays for more details.

PASTEL PREVIEW Workshops available for bookings: 

A beginners guide to the essentials... Specifically for anyone who wants to 'get a handle' on Pastels, whether a raw beginner or someone who wants to deepen knowledge about the basics of this amazing medium. Regular Saturday at Wallace House.       Email or call 07 5474 1211 between 9-1 weekdays for more details.

COLOUR CONFIDENCE Workshops available for bookings: 

All Classes provide a deeper understanding of Art & Journaling Practices, Foundation Drawing and the Principles of Colour, the Language of Line and the Delights of Design...These benefits and bounty are translated through, Exercises, Demonstrations, Personal Tuition and Course notes.                                Gift Certificates are! 

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  1. Julie Hyndman

    LOVING the newsletter!!! I love this woman and all she does!!! She ROCKS as a teacher!!!!! :)))) You’re MAD if you don’t sign up here and get your butt to her classes- with love :))


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