Drink n Draw!

July's Long Morning Tea

Some of us were lucky enough to attend a sketch session last Saturday morning at 'Homegrown' in Palmwoods. Life is busy and of course not everyone can take the time out to devote themselves to this art adventure but I'm so glad I did! The Lane in Palmwoods is tucked away beside the Homegrown Cafe (where the food is home made) and provides access to Sara'sPantry! Along the way there's lovely baskets, old tool n herbs, lamps and fairy lights... tables and chairs hug the lane walls and the space becomes shared, even with people you just met! There's so much eating and drinking and chatting and pretty things to look at that I don't get nearly enough Drawing done... But I have fun in the company of kindred spirits and KNOW I have dedicated that time to my Art, just so it knows it's important to me... 

Once a month, we have a Long Morning Tea at a cafe or somewhere on the Sunny Coast. We exchange ideas, try new materials, taste delightful foods, experience our world, discover new joys and oh yeah, draw...         I love sketching... and to watch others work evolve, not just on the day but over time as well. It's not about producing... it's about pencil (or pen) hours... the more time we spend doing it, the better we become!!

❤️Try it, forget what you finish with, just move your hand to the vision before you! 

Sign up to find out where the next one is...

Beginners Blossom

Just want to share with you how delightful it is to be tutoring such talented people.

Not enough can be said about, or to the amazing people who currently take Art Classes with me but there's more... 4 weeks ago, to be exact, 2 new students started in my Art Classes at Wallace House in Noosa. Neither had done Pastels before...

'Twinkle in her Eye' by Cathie

'Twinkle in her Eye' by Cathie

It's amazing how this talent lays dormant within us as we raise our children, work to pay off the mortgage and live our busy lives...still we cannot kill off the 'desire to draw'. Like a persistent child that tugs at our arm, this craving to create returns to our minds and hearts until one day we say "OK!"

Steves first Pastel

'Ol Mate' by Steve

Ok to actively moving our hands to make something, ok to seeking the right tutor and learning more, ok to allowing ourselves to feed the need and ok to ourselves...

Many people comment how hard it is to make the image that exists in our minds emerge for the paper and I always reply..."If it was easy, everyone would do it!"

So, buckle up and think only about the 'high'...not the 'hard'!!!


Artist Journals-Art Journals…What’s the difference?

Well, both have illustration or embellishments on the pages...

An Artist’s Journal is an illustrated Journal and is also a work of Art in itself, it takes some knowledge of Art Practices. An Art Journal however requires no Art experience. We simply decorate and embellish with text, Colour and Collage. 

2015 local Workshops

2015 local Workshops

Art Journaling is something I've done for many years and this year my secrets are yours! Memories are sweeter, affirmations solidified, connections are made...moments of insight are noted and enhanced. We witness our own lives and loves using these special techniques that will be shared in the Workshops...it gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a Paper Trail...

Create a Journal with drawings, painting, text & mixed media... Illustrate, decorate, embellish and collage a special time, design a dream, make a theme, forge a fashion, study a process, establish evidence or just record a journey and create a lasting keepsake.

Enhance your world! Entice, excite and explore!

Have fun Mark Making and Colouring with permanent and water soluble pens and pencils, pen-and-ink, markers and other materials which we combine with maps, book pages, textured papers, photo’s, pockets, tags, tickets and other memento’s. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a space that is set up to play, design, collate and compose.

Contact: carolyn@sheatherart.com if you're ready for a Local Art Adventure...

August Sunday Art Session

The next Sunday Art Session is on August the 3rd at Point Perry  just up the road from Coolum from 10 am to 1 pm:

These untutored, casual En Plein Air’ outings...offer anyone who wants to 'get out there' and do some Artwork a chance to do just that! There's something special about capturing moments outdoors... working from life teaches us to be quick & confident!

Also known as Wilkinson Park, the Point Perry Lookout is a fabulous site for celebrations...PP GW photo 1The views make a spectacular backdrop to any event. There is a viewing platform and picnic shelter in the park.

We have so many incredibly beautiful places to Draw & Paint here on the Sunny Coast, come take advantage of the inspirational weather and location, gather with like minded people and soak up the vibe... Any levels of experience is Welcome! Ya gotta start somewhere...

There are amenities and shelter are on site as well... Call 0414 945 310 if you have any queries or questions 🙂


Winter Workshop 2014

9th Seasonal Workshop 

A Pastel celebration of Winter 

Sunday 1st June 9am – 4pm   Girl Guide Hall Palmwoods   

Palette: Subdued Neutrals, Greys, Browns, Ochres, Umbers, Blacks & Whites...

Naturals and Neutrals give a calm, peaceful effect, a warm comfort and a sense of coming home. They are the Colour of rope, wheat & haystacks, sun warmed beaches, aged and discoloured paper, bark and nests, pathways and clay, stones, cement, graphite, ivory…sheep and shells, mist and milk, and newspaper…

Key Colour: Neutral                       Key Scheme: Achromatic                   Key Principle: De-Saturated

neutral_colors copyneutral_colors

Bright Colours attract, it’s that simple, advertising, clothing, cars and signs all scream at us with Saturated Pure Colours, so why not paint with only them?

Eventually we realize that Neutrals are just as important as Pure Colours in a painting. It’s important to give them much attention even though they may not be the main focus of the work… The neutrals are what make the bright Colours more vibrant and bring interest and focus to the subject.

Gooseberry Clean by Carolyn Sheather

Gooseberry Clean by Carolyn Sheather

Winter Workshop Sense stimulation:

Sight – Art, flowers, fruit, Colour and smiley faces
Smell –Plunger coffee, pots of tea, deliciously flavoured sweet delights
Sound – Music & chatter, laughter & giggles, creative ideas
Taste – Eat a Rainbow themed lunch sensation
Touch - Pastels, hugs and tactile textures

Draw & Dance, Laugh & Love, Play with Pastels & Feast on our Food…

We have a full day to explore the power of Neutrals with Demo’s, Handouts, Exercises and Practice.
To secure your place contact info@sketchbookstories.com ph 07 54789378 or 0414945310


Materials & Equipment list sent after bookings…

May 4th Sunday Art Session

This Sunday Art Session is on May 4th at Sylvia’s sister’s place just outside Eudlo from 10 am to 1 pm: 

This weekend marks the 2nd year of these ‘En Plein Air’ outings... for our anniversary we've decided to have a Study Session at Sylvia’s sisters place…Ooh…say that fast!


This lovely spelling property invites us in to discover its beauties down a dirt road and through a tree lined driveway.... it opens up to interesting shed scenes, farm animals, old machinery, rural yards and buildings backed by towering trees with views across green pastures. Refreshments, amenities and shelter are on site as well...

No hum of passersby here, no comments or interruptions…just nature.

These are FREE untutored gatherings are for anyone who wants to be a tourist in your own town! If you love or want to try painting outside, hang around with other like-minded people, gather info for larger Artworks or ask about ART CLASSES this is the place to be!

For the address, shoot me a quick email info@sketchbookstories.com or call 0414 945 310, the details are not posted here because it’s a private place and we respect that!

April…Sunday Art Session!

This Sunday Art Session is on April 6th at the Montville Village Green from 10 am to 1 pm:

We haven't been to Montville for one of these weekend wanderings before so it seems like a great opportunity to spend a little time in such a beautiful place while studying Light and Form, Colour and Composition...even if it all that happens without a conscious thought.

In fact, sometimes its much better that way...

Montvile Text

This little Mountain Village offers us interesting street scenes, Architecture and views across the  Sunny Coast plus great food and coffee...what more could we want?

Oh yeah, amenities and  shelter if needed...

Montville HallSetting up to draw or paint in an inspirational location surrounded by the site characteristics, in this case, like the hum of passers by , the sounds of birds singing or the occasional joyous comment by a colleague, the sun and a gentle breeze, (hopefully clear skies) we can't but have a successful time. The Village Green is at the top of town, near the School...

Montville Street

These are FREE untutored gatherings for anyone who wants to be a tourist in your own town! If you love or want to try painting outside, hang around with other 'Arty' types, gather info for larger Artworks or ask about ART CLASSES just come along...see you there bout 10...

Sunday Art Session – Feb 2nd

Feb Sunday Art Session will be at the Boathouses on the Maroochy River

Lets meet at the Bradman Ave Shelter Shed, (across from Minti St) from 10 am to 1pm...ish!

These are FREE untutored gatherings for anyone who wants to be a tourist in your own town and 'have a go' at painting outside, hang around with other 'arty' types, gather info for larger Artworks  or ask about ART CLASSES just come along...

If glassy reflections on the river don't entice you then the boathouses will! Pelicans sail on by while oyster catchers wade through the shallows, upturned boats gleam in the sun and light dances on the calm waters of the Maroochy River...

Boathouse MDore

There is plenty to inspire...

The Colours of the water, sky, sand and shadows, the silhouettes and structure of the boathouses the flow and rhythm of the river, honestly, how much can a Koala Bear???

Brad Av MDoreMaroochy River smallSeriously...

see you there...

Summer Studio- 7th Seasonal Workshop

A Pastel celebration of all things Summer

Sunday 1st December 9am – 4pm   Girl Guide Hall Palmwoods    Parade

Summer is the time of harvest; fruits and vegetables realize their fullness and complete their cycle providing the seeds for the next generation.

Summer is warm, light & bright ! It is a time of long days and short nights, a time of heat & holidays…

This warming of the world comes from a more present sun spilling her life giving properties into our lives, flooding the light with yellow warmth…In this natural world, yellow is the Colour of sunflowers and daffodils, egg yolks and lemons, canaries and bees...the Colour that is directly complimented by Violet.

Today we uncover the secret luminosity of Yellow…

images (1)

Key Colour: Yellow   Key Scheme: Direct Compliment Key Principle: Hidden Gold

Pure Palette: Yellow-Green, Yellow, Yellow-Orange, Red Violet, Violet and Blue Violet.

Mixed Palette: Any Colour that identifies as a Yellow…Tonal combinations of Pure, Tints, Shades and Greys will be on our menu today…

Yellow is known by many names, Lemon and Cadmium, Aureolin and Turners, Gamboges and Winsor, Deep and Indian are all identifiable as Yellow Colours. Today is about understanding and utilising this knowledge...

Essential Materials & Equipment: Pastels and Pastel paper, Easel,  Board & Clips, Kneadable Eraser,  Pastel Pencils if you love details, Artist Diary for note takers and Hand Cream to keep our skin safe.

Suggested Materials: Pastels Bring any Yellows & Violets you have…from the darkest and the muddiest to the lightest and dullest. Papers – Some warm Yellow and some Violet would be best suited to this Workshop. Canson is most popular but if you prefer heavier textured paper Art Spectrum Colourfix is great.

These Art Materials are not compulsory, anything in your kit will do…just bring what you have. The variety of Materials that appear on the day will provide lovely surprises…if you don’t have a kit, talk to me, we can arrange something!

Sense stimulation:lily                                                                                 

Sight flowers, fruit, colour & light, smiley faces and Art materials

Smell  plunger coffee, pots of tea, deliciously flavored sweet delights

Sound music & chatter, laughter & giggles, creative ideas

Taste - themed lunch sensation from ‘food that sings’

Touch - pastels, hugs, flowers from the harvest and tactile textures

We have a full day to explore the power of Yellow with Demo’s, Handouts, Exercises and Practice!

$100 for current students & $120 for casual students

for enquiries info@sketchbookstories.com or +61 414945310

Pastels: The New Black…

The First Ever Pastels Art Exhibition at Wallace House was a resounding success.

These rising Pastel Artists at the inaugural Pastels Art Exhibition on Friday opened their working space, and shared where the magic happens… Under the expert tuition of Award Winning Artist, Carolyn Sheather, who has also lead other Rising Artists to success in the Art market, they produced a collection of Artworks of a standard that has not been seen at the house before. One long time member of 17 years commented saying “There had never been such high quality Art gracing the walls in all her years at Wallace house”.

Noosa Notables red
The evening was officially opened by multi-award winning Sunshine Coast Artist, Chris Postle, whose words were both touching and inspiring. He talked about the Magic of Art and the courage it takes to follow the creative path.

After the usual presentations and gratitude that accompanies a evening of celebrating the Art, the Budding Artists participated in a lineup of Recognition.

The crowd
Little Red Dots appeared around the room and many enjoyed an evening with champagne and hors d'oeuvres for a gold coin donation and met the Exhibiting Artists where they shared their insights into the work and the growing popularity of the Pastel medium. There were works to please and delight a diverse range of Artistic tastes… and all fairly priced.

The Pastels Art Exhibition finished after running daily at Noosa Arts and Crafts, Wallace house, from Friday 13th to 20th September...we look forward to the next one!