Greek Islands 1st – 20th May 2019

Come join us on this Art Adventure! Sketch & Paint with guidance in spectacular locations!

Kalymnos (8 nights) Tilos (5 nights) Halki (5 nights) Rhodes (1 night) - with optional excursion to Turkey or Kos 

Check out the itinerary:

Day 1/ KALYMNOS (Wed 1st) FREE DAY

In Athens, connect with domestic flight to Kalymnos, from there, we’re transferred to our studio apartments in Myrties, backdropped by some of the best sunsets in the Aegean.

Day 2/ KALYMNOS (Thurs 2nd)  

Myrties. Perched on a wide bay overlooking the isle of Telendos, the little jetty with its colourful boats is a buzz of activity.

Day 3/ KALYMNOS (Friday 3rd)

Emborios. Boat trip to the secluded bay of where Harrys Paradise Taverna waits set in the islands most beautiful garden with its pots of geraniums, roses, lavender, olive and fig trees.

Optional Meze lunch (with a variety of vegetarian appetisers ) in this exquisite garden setting. 

Optional Greek Night with LIVE MUSIC AND DANCING!!!

Day 4/ KALYMNOS (Sat 4th) 

Vathy. The fjord is an unforgettable sight as it is one of the deepest and most beautiful natural harbours in the Aegean. The day will be spent under the grapevine facing this turquoise bay, surrounded by rugged mountains, white-washed churches & goats.


                                                                                               Just waiting for us...

Day 5/ KALYMNOS (Sun 5th) 

FREE DAY -  Day trip to Turkey or Kos Optional

Day 6/ KALYMNOS (Mon 6th)

Aghias Savas. The rich terra-cotta domes of this beautiful monastery contrasted with the blue of the sky and sea is a scene  to capture…

Day 7/ KALYMNOS (Tues 7th)

Arginontas. Along a spectacular coastal road we pass wild thyme and oregano covered mountains leading to the deep inlet of Arginontas. We set up in the olive grove to capture these ancient trees with their sinewy trunks and silver-flecked leaves. The family run taverna that overlooks the beautiful inlet is the perfect lunch spot!

Day 8/ KALYMNOS (Wed 8th) 

Telendos. Departing from the small jetty of Myrties, we cross the narrow strait to the tiny isle of Telendos, steeped in time. White-washed lanes draped in crimson bougainvillea, bold fishing nets and brightly painted wooden boats will entice us! (afternoon review) 

S Taly Nets Red

Day 9/ TILOS (Thurs 9th) FREE DAY 

Depart Kos at 14:45. Arrive Tilos 15:30 -Tilos , with its vistas of high cliffs overlooking valleys of cypresses, walnut and olive trees totally unspoilt. Our hotel by the sea offers wonderful views and terrific swimming ! 

Optional group dinner along the waterfront.

Day 10/ TILOS (Fri. 10th) 

Livadi. The sweep of the protected bay between rugged headlands is stunning. 

Day 11/ TILOS (Sat. 11th) 

Megalio Chorio. The white-washed village with its narrow lanes , crowned by a medieval fortress is situated in the islands’ interior. 

Optional lunch at a family taverna under the vine overlooking the fertile valley . 

Day 12/ TILOS( Sun. 12th) 

Agias Andonis. Under the shade of the tamarisk trees , this tiny jetty with its colourful tangled nets and fishing boats is a typical Greek scene ! 

Optional lunch at a taverna right on the watersedge – enjoy the super fresh catch of the day! 

Day 13/ TILOS (Mon. 13th ) 

Livadi. The white-washed village clustered at the edge of the bay is striking with its red and yellow ochre rugged rocks reflected into the turquoise sea.(afternoon critique ) 

Day 14/ HALKI (Tues. 14th) FREE DAY 

Depart Tilos 15:30. Arrive Halki 16:10. 

We will be staying right on the waterfront-a stunning location with panoramic vistas from our terrace perched right on the waters’ edge. 

Optional group dinner. 

Day 15/ HALKI (Wed. 15th ) 

Emborios .From our terrace, we are surrounded by inspirational vistas ! 

Day 16/ HALKI( Thurs. 16th) 

Pondamos Bay with its taverna overlooking the beach and the blue- domed church perched on a hill , is a lovely afternoon painting spot 

Day 17/ HALKI (Fri. 17th) 

Emborios. The picturesque harbour is lined with beautiful neo-classical homes

The cafes along the waterfront are a popular meeting place for the locals and a great spot to capture the laid-back atmosphere of Halki ! 

Day 18/ HALKI (Sat. 18th) 

Emborios The narrow alleys surrounding St. Nicholas church with its’ pebble-mosaic courtyard, are charming with their stone walls lined with pink oleandars and scarlett geraniums. 

Optional group dinner. 

Day 19/ RHODES (Sun. 19th )FREE DAY 

Depart Chalki 7:00am. Arrive Rhodes 8:30am. 

Our hotel is situated in the centre of Rhodes Town within walking distance of all the fabulous shops, tavernas, cafes and famous sites. 

The Old Town is a magical place to stroll with its medieval cobbled lanes and incredible buildings connected by beautiful arches.Passing through the Kastro Gardens you pass the impressive paved street of the Knights, the Archaeological Museum, the Palace of the Grand Masters and the famous Hippocrates Square with its mosaics and artists. 

Day 20 / DEPARTURE (Mon. 20th) Transfer to Rhodes Airport for return flight to Athens. 


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