Carolyn the Artist...

I love my Art to to lift and inspire, cause laughter or calm, provoke thought or comment or just to frame a shrine to beauty.             I hope my Art leaves a legacy, speaks to generations or highlights a perspective...there are so many reasons to make a mark!

"Her qualifications and experience are extensive after more than two decades as a professional artist and instructor...               She's an award-winning artist that's done local and international Artist in Residencies, participated in many Exhibitions and been featured in the Australian Artist magazine twice. Her Commissions are highly sought after by local and international clients! 
She's Represented in Collections throughout Australia, Europe, USA & South America

Carolyn the Tutor...

I teach to share the joy, educate and explore, to create community and belonging, to express and increase worth...                    

“She is an award winning Artist and a passionate Tutor sharing her success and time worn Art practices to whoever would benefit from them. Her enthusiasm and experience are resources she offers wholeheartedly in a friendly, supportive manner. She will do what it takes to assure you understand the next step for your evolution as an Artist. She takes the time…”

Early morning Sketching in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence near the Uffizi Gallery...Best feeling in the world!

Holding a moment of inspirational beauty that stirs the soul in suspended time creates total presence and resounding peace.   The simple act of studying, losing all sense of time and place, intense focus where there is just you and it, moving lines, tones and colours around, adding to its value by creating its image while discovering the secrets of its true form.